About Me

Hug Box grew from a need for affordable, heartfelt Thinking Of You gifts however, many Hug Boxes being posted today are to help loved ones CELEBRATE!

Why Hug Box?

I created Hug Box in April 2013 after watching family members battling serious illness. I grew tired of sending standard ‘thinking of you’ ‘get well’ flowers and chocolates. Hampers can be an expensive option! A substantial part of my budget would be taken for the physical hamper. Which would more than likely be stored at the back of a cupboard never to be see again!

AFFORDABLE – Hug Boxes are available from as little as £6 to ensure they are an affordable gift for everybody however can be upto £50.

HEART FELT – A Hug in a Box with a personal message and a Hug sent through the post.

VALUE FOR MONEY – The majority of your budget will be used in the contents of your Hug Box gift, not the packaging.

FUN – For me, things are not going so well when flowers begin to arrive. I needed to introduce an element of fun. A gift which is given during toughest of times to bring a smile to someone someone special.

INCLUSIVE – Hug Box is a gift which is not gender or age specific. Everybody needs or a hug in a box sometimes. Sons and daughters at college, work colleagues, mums, dads uncles brothers or sisters Hug Box crosses all sexes and generations with a simple and heartfelt message!!

Hug Box Today

Although the primary Hug Box concept grew from my need for an affordable, heartfelt, light hearted Thinking Of You gift it has now most definitely developed into a gift for any occasion. The majority of Hug Boxes being dispatched today are to help families to CELEBRATE Birthdays, Exams, Promotions and Thanks.

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Wendy 🙂