Everything you see regarding HUG BOX is done by one person – I am everything you see concerning Hug Box and everything you don’t!
Wendy 🙂

Hug box was created by me in April 2013 after watching family members battling serious illness. I grew bored of sending the standard ‘thinking of you’ ‘get well’ flowers and generic boxes of chocolates – I also found hampers an expensive option where a substantial part of my budget would be taken for the actual hamper – which would more than likely be stored at the back of a cupboard never to be see again.

I wanted my Hug in a Box to be HEART FELT – with a clear message of a Hug in a Box which is why the free personalisation is important to me.

AFFORDABLE – although I can make Hug Boxes up to any budget, most frequently up to £50, I always aimed to have a Hug Box from as little as £6 to ensure they are an affordable gift for everybody – VALUE FOR MONEY – where the majority of your budget is used in the contents of the gift – FUN – That sinking feeling when lots of flowers start arriving generally means things are not going well! I wanted to introduce an element of fun to a gift which is sometimes given during toughest times.

I also felt is was very important to have a gift which is not gender specific in that EVERYBODY needs or just enjoys a hug in a box sometimes – kids at college, work colleagues, parents, uncles brothers or sisters Hug Box crosses all sexes and generations with a simple and heartfelt message!!

Although the primary Hug Box concept grew from my need for an affordable, heartfelt, light hearted get well gift it has now most definitely developed into a gift for any occasion with the majority of Hug Boxes being dispatched to CELEBRATE 🙂 x