How can I personalise my Hug Box as a gift?

All Hug Boxes can arrive with a free personalised message as standard. If you dont let me know what message you would like at the time of paying; your Message Card will say ‘Have a Hug’ on it. As most Hug Boxes are gifts they will arrive with no invoice, so unless you add a personal message to your gift the recipient may not know who its from.

Please let me know what message you would like at the time of ordering. The easiest way to send the personal message is in the ORDER NOTES section after you have clicked ‘Proceed to Checkout’ from the Shopping Basket.

If I do not received the details of the message you would like included with your Hug Box at time of paying (either during the order process in the ORDER NOTES Section or by emailing wendy@hugbox.co.uk) your Hug Box will have ‘Have a Hug’ on the Message Card.

My Hug Box is a gift, what details do you need to personalise it for me?

What would you like the Hug Box Message Card to say? (Happy Birthday, love from Jack x)

If you do not include a message your Hug Box will have normally have the message ‘Have a Hug’.  If you are ordering a Christmas Hug Box it will come with ‘Merry Christmas’, Fathers Day Hug Boxes will have ‘Happy Fathers Day’, Easter Hug Boxes with have ‘Happy Easter’ etc

How do you order a personalised Hug Box?

Feel free to browse the Hug Boxes available to buy today on this website and add them to the shopping basket when you are ready. You can order via the Hug Box website or by emailing me at wendy@HugBox.co.uk

Do you deliver Hug Boxes?

Yes, I can deliver locally around the Lanarkshire area from £3 no matter how many Hug Boxes you order, or I can post them using my Tracked Courier which is £4.99 to any UK Post Code for Hug Boxes up to £20.

When your Parcel has been despatched I will send you the Tracking information so you will be able to see its progress.

Can I pick up a Hug Box from you?

Yes, I stay in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire area of Central Scotland. Please feel free to get in touch and arrange a local pick up.

How much is it to deliver a Hug Box?

Local delivery is from £3 per delivery address no matter how many Hug Boxes you order.

Standard Tracked Courier is £4.99 for Hug Boxes up to £20 to any UK Post Code and takes approximately 3 working days.

How will my Hug Box be packaged?

All Hug Boxes will be packaged in a larger parcel box with filler to protect them whilst they are with the courier.

Multiple Hug Boxes going to the same address will normally be packaged together in one larger box.

Will the courier leave a card if they are unable to deliver?

The courier will usually leave a contact card asking you to call to rearrange delivery or letting you know if your parcel has been delivered to a neighbour or is in a safe place. However, if your Tracking information states that your parcel has been ‘Delivered to Customer’ please check in your normal ‘Safe Places’ as it may have been left there.

After 3 attempts the Hug Box will be returned to me and you will have to pay to have it re-delivered.

What is inside a Hug Box?

If you order an Original Hug Box it will contain a wide variety of Sweets, Treats and Chocolates.

Hug Box contents may vary from any pictures shown due to stock availability and to offer the best possible value for customers. If an item becomes unavailable I will replace it with an item of equal, or in many cases, greater value.

Can I order a Hug Box filled with sweets of my choice?

Yes, just let me know your ideas for the Hug Box and I will get back to you with availability and a price.

Can you get hard to find and Retro Sweets?

Yes, I am often asked for Retro Sweets and sweets which are difficult to find in the shops! Just let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to find them for you. They can either be packaged in a Hug Box or separately. Some of my most popular requests are for Chocolate Bananas, Fish and Chips, Bon Bons, Highland Toffee Bar, Wham Bars, Black Jacks, Sherbet Fountains, Rainbow Drops, etc etc

Why are Hug Boxes not recommended for children of 3 and under?

Hug boxes contain small parts and small sweets, chocolates and Lollies which pose a choking hazard to children of three years and under. I also recommend Adult supervision for children under 5 years old.

Can I have a Hug Box for my Wedding Favours?

Yes of course! Just get in touch to discuss your options and I will get back to you with a price.

Can you do a Hug Box with retro sweets?

Yes, no problem. Just let me know what you are looking for and I will get back to you with options and a price.

Are Hug Boxes suitable as a gift for Men?

Yes, they are very popular gift for men, and I can customise any Hug Box to suit individual tastes.

Can you do a Hug Box with just Chocolates?

Yes, I can customise your Hug Box with a wide selection of Chocolates which would be sure to delight any chocolate lover! Just let me know what you would like and I will get back to you with a price.

Can you do Personalised Hug Boxes?

Yes, just let me know your ideas and I can talk over your options with you and I will get back to you with a price.

Can you put Alcohol in the Hug Boxes?

No, sorry. I do not have a licence to sell alcohol and cannot use a courier to deliver it.

Are Hug Boxes Suitable for people with Food Allergies?

No – Hug Boxes are NOT suitable for people with Food Allergies. They will typically include many Allergens such as Eggs, Milk, Soya, Cereals containing gluten, Sesame Seeds, Nuts and Peanuts. They may also contain other Allergens. All sweets, treats and chocolates are individually sealed in their original packaging. Ingredients, Allergy Advice and expiry dates will be on the wrapping where available. If you have any questions regarding product ingredients and or allergens please feel free to contact me.

Can you make Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Diabetic and Vegetarian Hug Boxes?

No, unfortunately I cannot offer Hug Boxes for special diets at this time but look forward to being able to introduce them in the future.

Do you offer Next Day Delivery?

No, unfortunately Next Day delivery is not available at this time.

Can you deliver on a specific day?

I can not guarantee delivery for specific dates, nor can I guarantee your Hug Box will arrive within the 3 working days however I do send you the tracking information so you can see its progress.

Can you send Hug Boxes abroad?

No, I can not send Hug Boxes outside the UK at this time however I hope to in the future.