A Chocolate Box of Hugs with a personal message, suitable for any occasion ...


Best Selling hand packed Box of Hugs with 3 fantastic layers of popular sweets, treats and chocolates...


Popular Hug in a Box gift as it contains a great selection of popular retro and classic sweets and chocolates ...


This bright and colourful Chocolate Hug Box is the perfect Birthday Gift ...


Hug Box filled to the top with OVER 3kg of popular Pick and Mix sweets and chocolates ...

Pick & Mix
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Luxury pouches or 3kg Mega Pick and Mix Surprise Hug Box to discover all 30 varieties plus SCOOP & BAGS!...


Super Soft Long Eared Bunny Rabbit with Pick n Mix plus Chocolate.

Best Seller!
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Sweet Filled Traditional Tins which can be kept and filled with useful treasures!


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